Natural oils - Best Hair Regeneration Guaranteed

Natural oils - Best Hair Regeneration Guaranteed

Despite what one may think, it is not just a fashionable trend but a new dimension in terms of hair care. If there was a cosmetic Nobel - the prize would definitely go to natural oils. Without a doubt, oils are the best thing to reach for if you dream of having healthy hair, skin, and nails. Therefore, if you want your hair to finally become strong, voluminous and shiny, choose care regimen that will remain in harmony with nature and make the best of the power of natural oils. Why are they an irreplaceable remedy for any hair problems? What is so unique in their composition, how do they affect the hair and what oil is best to choose for oil hair treatment? You are about to read the story of "gold medalists" in the field of care.

Natural hair oils - what exactly are they?

In general, oils are the essence extracted from seeds, pips, and plant shoots. They are pressed in such a manner that as many valuable elements as possible are preserved in their composition - the most suitable method of obtaining the precious substances is through the process of cold-pressing. The oils are unrefined and, literally, they form the "natural essence of beauty". They are the condensation of everything that is most valuable in a given plant and, although it sounds a bit pompous - their nurturing power is enormous.

Natural hair oils - properties and composition

The secret to the effectiveness of natural oils as well as the huge regenerative potential lies in their composition. As it was already mentioned, they receive all the valuable qualities of the plant they derive from. What is more, they are the source of substances that are essential for the skin and hair, including:

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) - they appear in varied proportions, depending on the given oil. Fatty acids are essential for proper body functioning. They control the correctness of all processes in the body, including those that enhance and regenerate. They affect the hair elasticity and resilience. They are a building material from which the body obtains ingredients necessary for cell regeneration. Also, they heal and repair any abnormalities and soothe scalp disorders.

Phytosterols - are a group of plant sterols with a strong antioxidant effect. They neutralize free radicals, and in addition, have the ability to stimulate collagen synthesis and minimize elastin degradation. They take care of maintaining the youth and elasticity of hair, strongly moisturize and tighten the skin, have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties positively affecting the scalp, accelerate hair regeneration and prevent further damage.

Flavonoids - compounds preventing premature skin and hair aging, one of the most valued in the cosmetic industry. Flavonoids efficiently capture free radicals and neutralize their action, and also repair the hair, skin or nail damage, at the same time protecting them against harmful solar radiation. Flavonoids regenerate, improve condition and prevent damage.

Phospholipids - an important cosmetic ingredient, essential for maintaining skin and hair youthfulness. Phospholipids are like a bond that fills intercellular spaces in the body. They smooth the hair and make it grow thick and strong. Also, they accelerate hair regeneration and make sure that the scalp holds the bulbs in the hair follicles firmly.

Vitamins - natural oils can contain from a few to a dozen vitamins. Nevertheless, each oil is a source of vitamins valuable for health and beautiful hair, for instance, A, C, E. Many oils also contain a number of B vitamins, which contribute to proper hair growth.

Minerals - oils abound in a variety of minerals that reinforce the hair, boost growth and inhibit thinning. The most important ones include: magnesium, selenium, zinc, and iron. They are also responsible for providing energy to the cells of the hair matrix and improving the functioning of enzymes affecting the proper structure and growth of hair.

Squalane - a component of human sebum that is also present in a range of natural oils. Its content restores the hydro-lipid balance, regulates sebum secretion and combats excessive seborrhea. In addition, it moisturizes dry hair and scalp. Thanks to the oils, even oily hair gets the perfect care focused on its needs.

Natural oils - what influence do they have on the hair?

Natural oils in hair care - apart from the high-quality nourishing and regenerating ingredients - have another valuable feature: they are safe for the scalp and hair bulbs. Oils reach hair follicles and reinforce them from within. This guarantees an increased length as well as stronger, healthier hair and inhibited hair loss. The oils perfectly cleanse the scalp, leaving it properly moisturized and healthful. You will no longer have to worry about dandruff or excessive seborrhea. Strong bulbs and refreshed healthy scalp are the key factors to obtaining resilient, beautiful and thick hair.

Natural hair oils - what's the hair like after oil treatment?

The secret of oil effectiveness lays is the regularity of use. Thanks to applying oils to the hair once or twice a week, you can expect incredible effects. What does the hair look like after hair oiling and what are the benefits of using oils?

Natural hair oils

Natural hair oils - division and classification

Before starting your experience with oils and hair oiling, it is worth remembering that oils differ from each other in terms of composition, particle size, and type of fatty acids. The key to beautiful hair is the right selection of oil. We must adjust it to the hair porosity, in other words, the condition and appearance of the hair. Each of the three particle sizes has different abilities to penetrate the hair. What does the overall division of oils look like?

Natural oils - Best Hair Regeneration Guaranteed

Which hair oil to choose for hair oiling?

In order to enjoy hair that's beautiful like never before, the oil type must match the hair porosity - meaning, the type of keratin scales placed along the hair shaft. Hair porosity is actually easy to determine by taking a hair porosity test available online. The short quiz consists of a set of questions related to hair care methods, hair appearance, hair condition, etc. All you need to do is observe the hair carefully and once you get to know your hair well, you will be able to choose the right oil or a well-combined oil blend - one of the three versions of Nanoil Hair Oil.

How to use hair oils? Methods of hair oiling

Oiling hair is a treatment known for centuries in the countries of the Orient. The Hindu treat it as a beautifying ritual that builds and strengthens not only the hair, but also women's bonds in the family. Hair oiling is not complicated - it consists in applying oil to the hair and (above all) the scalp. There are a dozen methods of hair oiling - it's worth trying them out and adjusting the care to your personal needs, preferences and the amount of time you want to devote to the treatment.

Natural hair oils - review

Natural oils receive a lot of positive feedback from hair stylists, bloggers, hair lovers, and hairdressers. Even trichologists recommend them as a strengthening treatment for hair loss connected with the change of the seasons of the year. Why? Because natural oils are completely safe and their regenerating powers are enormous. Regular hair oiling allows obtaining effects that are similar to luxurious and expensive hair treatments done at the salon. What is more, it can be performed in the comfort of your own home giving you the opportunity to relax too. After hair oiling, many women compare the appearance of their hair to the effects obtained thorough hair laminating.

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