Hair-coloring without a dye! How to make the hair darker naturally?

Hair-coloring without a dye! How to make the hair darker naturally?

Women love changing their image. Hair darkening is the most common choice in regard to altering their appearance - it is quite often the beginning of more life-changing decisions. How to make the hair darker using natural means without any hair dyes? How about using darkening rinses? Discover the best methods!

Hair coloring is definitely the most common hair treatment performed at the salon. We rarely like our natural hair color, and its structure doesn't often suit us either. That's why hair styling, for example, keratin hair straightening, laminating is a runner-up to coloring. Is it possible to change the appearance of your hair without a visit to a hair salon? Yes, of course!

If you want to darken your hair, there is no need to venture with chemical substances. Therefore, if you are not planning any drastic color changes, you can go ahead and use the natural ways of hair darkening - with no chemical ingredients and without harming the hair’s health.

Hair-coloring without a dye

What to use to darken the hair?

Instead of wondering how to darken your hair, first, choose the right product that you will be using. Even though the first thing that comes to mind when talking about hair-coloring is a hair dye, it’s worth delving deeper into the subject as there are many more possibilities. The most popular solution is changing the hair shade with tea or coffee. A good replacement for chemically-packed products is also a natural hair dye, meaning - henna. However, you must use it skillfully so that the shade you get is natural and not too ginger (unless that’s the result you expect). It is also recommended to use herbal rinses, for instance, made of sage, nettle, walnut or oak bark. For those of you who are more courageous, you can also make use of onion or soy sauce to darken your hair, although the smell of both these ingredients can effectively deter you from doing so. However, all fans of natural hair care will be like the option offered by hair-darkening oils, among which the two most popular are: castor oil and amla. As you can see, natural hair darkening is possible and not necessarily with just one method.

Not every hair can be darkened naturally!

Tinting hair without a proper dye is a really tempting alternative. However, it's worth remembering that not everyone will be able to do it. The action of natural darkening agents will be especially visible on fair hair, although shades of bronze can also be altered by several tones. Nevertheless, natural ways of hair darkening are a suitable method only for people who do not expect a spectacular change. By using easily available ingredients, we can darken the hair, but it will be a delicate and very subtle result.

Fun fact! Natural hair that has not been dyed before is more susceptible to darkening. Women with a natural hair color can easily introduce any modifications without using a dye.

Moreover, it is also very important to determine the hair condition before the color-treatment. The more damage the hair is, the worse the effects will be. Herbs can additionally dry out the strands. Analogously, healthier hair will develop the color more intensely and the result will be more pronounced and even. All these circumstances must be taken into account before deciding whether to darken the hair without a dye or not.

How to darken the hair in a natural way?

Get to know the TOP 10 natural ways to darken your hair without a dye. It is enough to choose the right ingredients and skillfully incorporate them into your daily care so that after a few hair washes you will be able to enjoy darker and more beautiful shade. The only condition is the systematic application of the chosen method, because, unfortunately, we will not notice the effects after only one use.

Check out how to make your hair darker naturally and in a simple way.

1. Darkening the hair with coffee

To darken the hair with coffee, of course, a large amount of coffee will be necessary, preferably freshly ground. Instant coffee and coffee drinks will not work. How to darken your hair with coffee? You can do it in two ways, and each of them has its own advantages.

• Hair darkening coffee rinse - place a few tablespoons of freshly ground coffee in a pot with 500-700 ml of water; boil for a few minutes and then leave aside to cool; before using the coffee rinse, strain it out (the grounds can hinder rinsing); firstly, soak the hair for a few moments in a bowl with the rinse, then pour it the coffee liquid over the hair, drain and blow-dry as usual or let it air-dry.

• Hair darkening coffee mask - just pour boiling water over a large portion of ground coffee, make sure the water reaches about 1 cm above the level of coffee; mix, leave aside for 10 minutes. Once it cools down, apply it to the hair; the coffee mask should be secured with a shower cap and a towel. Then, wait a minimum of 15 minutes; after this period of time, the hair should be thoroughly rinsed (do not wash) and blow-dry or leave to air-dry.

2. Darkening the hair with tea

Similarly, we can use black tea, which also provides coloring properties. Darkening the hair with tea requires prior preparation of a proper rinse. In a liter of boiling water, brew 3-4 tablespoons of black tea (with whole leaves because they have the strongest color). We can also add some fresh nettle (dried leaves do not have coloring properties), which will additionally strengthen the hair and enhance its color. Nettle will not give the hair a greenish color if it is used in a duet with black tea. Prepare the brew, and then rinse the hair after washing and let it air-dry or use a blow-dryer.

3. Darkening the hair with oak bark

What else can you darken your hair with? If you are not a fan of coffee and tea darkening hair rinses, then try out the bark of the oak. It is an ingredient that has an additional property because it prevents excessive hair loss and hair oiliness. Nevertheless, most often, the oak bark is used to darken the hair. It is enough to prepare a rinse, i.e. to use about 50 g of oak bark (available in herbal stores) and boil it for 15 minutes. After straining and cooling it down, we have a rinse that darkens the hair, which should be used after each washing of the hair, to gradually enhance the color.

4. Darkening the hair with henna

When it comes to darkening your hair without a dye, you cannot forget about henna. This Middle Eastern ingredient is associated with keratin in the hair, which is why it gives the possibility of semi-permanent coloration without the use of chemical substances. The best to use is natural henna, or powdered lawsonia, which is mixed with lemon juice or other acidic liquid. Before we start dyeing the hair with henna, the mixture prepared must be left for several hours to release the dye. After this time, we apply it to the hair, hold for about an hour and wash down. It is worth remembering that the hair darkened with henna may be copper at first, but over time, the color will begin to deepen.

Tip: if you want the henna to darken the hair to a slightly different shade than red, it should be mixed with, for instance, indigo (it will dye the hair warm brown) or amla (it will give the hair cool brown shade).

5. Darkening the hair with castor oil

Also hair oiling can be a great solution if you're looking for a way to naturally darken your hair. There are oils that, when used regularly, will not only nourish, strengthen and enhance shine, but also change the natural color of your hair. Which oils are able to darken your hair? Just as the chamomile brew can brighten, castor oil, amla oil or walnut oil can darken the hair. Sometimes olive oil is also used, but it works better in a duet with dyeing herbs.

6. Darkening the hair with sage

How to darken your hair with herbs? It is very easy. The most important step is to collect the right set of herbs that have delicate coloring properties. Sage, nettle, rosemary, and field horsetail are best suited. Just prepare a strong brew, cool it down and rinse the hair with it after each wash. Herbs will strengthen the natural color and provide the effect of darker hair.

Warning! Tinting the hair with herbs is risky because it can become very dry. If we decide to try out this method, we must remember about intensive moisturizing and regeneration.

7. Darkening the hair with soy sauce

For many people, it might sound surprising that you can use soy sauce to darken your hair. Before applying it to your hair, it is worth mixing it in a 1: 1 ratio with vinegar, which acidic pH will support the absorption of the dye contained in the soy sauce. Such a mixture should be used as other rinses, that is, to spray the hair after washing. Unfortunately, the very intense smell of such a home-made cosmetic makes darkening the hair with soy sauce the least popular method.

8. Darkening the hair with walnuts

Walnuts also have very strong coloring properties. In this case, you can also prepare a rinse that will darken your hair. You only need 2-3 handfuls of walnuts, which should be split into smaller pieces and boiled (everything, including the shells, skin, pulp) for 20 minutes. After cooling it down and straining, this brew works great as a rinse that can be used after each hair wash. It is worth buying disposable gloves, so as not to dye the palms of your hands at the same time. Hair rinsed with walnut infusion should be left to air-dry for half an hour, then rinse with clean water again to get rid of the raid and restore the hair's softness.

9. Darkening the hair with onions

How to darken your hair without dyes? If you did not like any of the eight previous ideas, you can use... onions. Its shells (used, among others, for dyeing eggshells decorated for Easter) are also great for hair care. The onion rinse can make the hair darker up to several tones. You will need two handfuls of onion shells and three cups of water – cook all ingredients on low heat for half an hour, leave overnight, drain and use to rinse your hair. To achieve the best results, it's a good idea to keep your hair in a bowl filled with the rinse for several minutes or (more convenient) rinse and wrap the hair in a shower cap and a towel without squeezing out excess water. After waiting a minimum of a quarter of an hour, the hair should be rinsed again with clean water and allowed to air-dry.

10. Hair darkening with gentian

Before we proceed to tinting the hair with gentian, let's answer the question: what exactly is it? Gentian (also known as gentian violet) is an intense violet solution used for wound disinfection. Not only does it provide bactericidal and antiseptic qualities, but it can also naturally dye the strands. Hair darkening is not difficult and gives immediate, very visible effects. Mix a liter of water with a few drops of gentian violet (2-3 drops for blondes, max. 10 for brunettes) and then rinse your hair every few days. The disadvantage is that if used too often, it can dry out the hair and leave a purple shade.

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