Siberian Pine Oil. Power of Cedar in the Battle for Beautiful Hair

Siberian Pine Oil. Power of Cedar in the Battle for Beautiful Hair

Siberian Pine Oil

It conceals magical qualities. Cedar tree is treated with utmost respect in Russia. Cedar oil is pressed from the nuts of this plant. The oil is perfect for our health as well as beauty and well-being. It covers 50% of the daily requirement for vitamin E. Cedar oil strengthens hair, prevents hair loss, eliminates dandruff. Applied regularly, it guarantees complete repair.

Cedar nuts are very tasty. What is more, they conceal a huge potential. Scientists analysed the composition of cedar nuts and were surprised by the results. It turned out that they have more protein than some meat products, and this protein is excellently absorbed by human body. Obviously, cedar oil offers some more properties. Its price is justifiably high – it is the best natural healing and conditioning product.

Cedar oil is pressed from these exceptional nuts of Siberian pine. Siberian cedar woods have always been under protection. It is one of the few places where nature reveals its diversity of healing qualities. Cedar oil is cold-pressed from the seeds hidden in small cones of cedar. The seeds can be pressed in a variety of ways e.g. through cold-pressing which is the best method.

Cedar Oil INCI

Pinus Sibirica Nut Oil

Natural cedar oil has an amber colour and delicate aroma which is quite characteristic. Regardless of the method of extraction, it always looks the same. But the properties differ. Refined oil is less effective. We should keep in mind that an unrefined cedar oil is most valuable and is the source of nutrients. It also should be cold-pressed because high temperature "kills" precious substances.

Siberian cedar oil – properties

Let’s take a closer look at the gift of nature – cedar oil. Why do inhabitants of Siberia appreciate it so much? Why it it so important? Cedar nuts are abounding in protein that is easily absorbed by our body. It is not the most crucial ingredient of cedar oil, though. The price of the product is high because it includes some other key substances and nutrients. The best is hidden inside.

Natural cedar oil is full of vitamins. It is the source of the best nutrients. The content of vitamin E (natural antioxidant) is five times bigger than olive oil can offer. The oil contains vitamins A, D, B, B1, B2, B3, B4. When it comes to nutrients, it is far better than olive oil. Cedar oil is a concentration of vitamin F (linoleic acid), which makes the oil so unique.

Cedar oil – action. When does it help?

Natural oil pressed from Siberian pine nuts has splendid healing properties. It relieves pain, relaxes muscles and joints, enhances concentration, reduces effects of stress and tiredness, improves immunological system. Cedar oil works really great and helps to prevent most civilization diseases. It stimulates brain work. It is recommended when you have the flu or stomach problems. No wonder, residents of Siberia find it an irreplaceable food oil.

Cedar oil – uses

Due to large content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants, the oil shields body cells from oxidative stress. Therefore, it is common in beauty care. Natural, cold-pressed and unrefined cedar oil is free from preservatives, perfume and colourants, which makes it so popular in skin and hair care. Additionally, it is really effective.

Cedar oil

Cedar oil in face care

It is beneficial for the skin, providing repair and suitable moisture. Cedar oil rejuvenates the complexion. Therefore, it can smooth or even eliminate wrinkles when used regularly. It works as a natural massage oil or balm after bath. You can apply cedar oil instead of a face cream. It will deliver all necessary nutrients, regulate moisture level and give smoothness and radiance. Natural cedar oil is very effective in case of atopic dermatitis, skin allergies and psoriasis. It is a remedy for all problems.

Hair benefits of cedar oil

Cedar oil is usually used in hair care. It is suitable for oiling – can be applied both to hair and scalp. Thanks to strong antioxidant properties and very interesting light formula, it is used for protection of low porosity hair. Cedar oil has been included in Nanoil for low porosity hair. It plays a role of an ingredient that prevents hair loss, normalizes work of sebaceous glands, purifies the skin and fights the dandruff.

Cedar oil for hair is mainly used as an anti hair loss and anti-dandruff product. If you apply it regularly, it will nourish hair bulbs and make your scalp healthy again. Bulbs are rooted more firmly thus make hair much stronger. Cold-pressed cedar oil is very effective as a product that fights excessive hair loss. Moreover, it restores pH and ensures proper sebum secretion. Hair is not greasy, and dandruff is not your problem.

Cedar Oil – how to use?

It is recommended to apply cedar oil to flaking skin and areas that are prone to seborrhoea. Rubbing it in the scalp and spreading onto strands will be effective as well. Cedar oil works on the skin, therefore you should regularly oil the scalp. We can leave Siberian cedar oil for 30 minutes or overnight. The longer, the better – the action is enhanced. We can intensify the qualities of the oil: rub it in the scalp, massage the scalp, put on a warm wet towel. Heat and moisture improve the absorption of oil.

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